Workshop on Information Visualization for Social Scientists
Information visualization, the art of representing data in a way that it is easy to understand and to manipulate, can help us make sense of information and thus make it useful in our lives. There’s a huge need for data to be presented so that it is understood by experts and non-experts alike.
Information visualization is designed to help us make sense out of data. It can be used to explore relationships between data, to confirm ideas we hold about data or to explain data in easy to digest manners. It may also be used, rightly or wrongly, to help persuade someone with data.
At the EUI, I've developed a workshop on information visualization for Ph.D. and Postdoc researchers. This workshop is an introduction to the principles and techniques for visualizing data and aimed for qualitative and quantitative researchers alike. No software or coding knowledge is required, but basic knowledge of R is an advantage. 
The course first and foremost is aimed at making researchers aware of “good” and “bad” visualizations. Participants learn the principles of how to visualize complex matters into readable charts and graphs. This can be either related to patterns in quantitative data or relationships and concepts from qualitative data. We will also talk about how to better visualize presentations. 
The Link for the course materials.
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