Peer-Reviewed Articles
2024. Ebola’s Inferno: The limits of community engagement and neutrality during politicized health emergencies. Humanity: An International Journal of Human Rights, Humanitarianism, and Development.
2024. #AidToo, or when situation permits rape: Sexual violence among humanitarian aid workers. Journal of International Humanitarian Action., Appendix
2023. Duursma, Bara, Wilén, (2023) UN Peacekeeping at 75: Achievements, Challenges, and Prospects, International Peacekeeping.
2023. Politicized Health Emergencies and Violent Resistance against Healthcare Responders. Journal of Peace Research.
2022. A Shrinking Humanitarian Space: Peacekeeping Stabilization Projects and Violence in Mali. International Peacekeeping, 29:4, 624–649.
2020. Under the Roof of Rebels: Civilian Targeting After Territorial Takeover in Sierra Leone. International Studies Quarterly, 64(2), p. 295–305, co-authored with Christian Oswald, Sigrid Weber and Rob Williams.
2017. Is Conflict an Additional Structural Obstacle for Least Developed Countries? International Journal of Development and Conflict, 07(01), p. 32-48. Co-authored with Kim Namsuk.
Policy Briefs/Media/Other
2024. UNO-Friedensmissionen und Menschenrechte. CPD Policy Blog, Universität Graz. February 2024. 
2024. The Mali Puzzle: International Isolation, Anti-French Sentiments, and Withdrawal of UN Peacekeepers. Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, January 2024. 
2022. Humanitarian-Peacekeeping Tensions in UN Missions in AfricaIn Focus. Geneva Centre for Security Policy, December 2022.
2020. The military has ousted Mali’s president. That raises questions about the country’s ongoing security challenges .  The Washington Post, Monkey Cage. Analysis, Co-authored with William G. Nomikos, Rob Williams and Patrick Hunnicutt. 26.08.2020.
2020. Spatio-Temporal Incident Mapping: A Data-Driven Tool to Advance the Protection of Civilians during Force Operations. UN Peacekeeping Practice Note. MINUSMA, June 2020, 22 p. Co-authored with Sebastian Frowein and Marcello Cassanelli.
2020. Civilian Victimization and Rebel Territorial Control in Sierra Leone. The Quantitative Peace. Guest post co-authored with Christian Oswald, Sigrid Weber, and Rob Williams. 13.04.2020.
2018. Humanitäre Helfer verdienen den Schutz des Völkerrechts. Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Opinion Piece. 06.01.2018.
01/2018. Not a target: Ensuring the protection of aid workers”. Press Conference with Emilia Pasquier and Marco Sassòli. Geneva Press Club, Geneva, Switzerland.   
2017. Is Qatar’s mediating role useful? Gulf State Analytics. Monthly Monitor Report March 2017, p. 14-16.
2016. Improving the Fairness, Accessibility and Quality of UN internships. Proposal to the 5th Committee of the General Assembly. Fair Internship Initiative Policy Brief. Co-authored under the name of the Fair Internship Initiative.
2016. “Statement for the Fair Internship Initiative”. First session of the Forum on Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law on ‘Widening the Democratic Space: the role of youth in public decision-making’. Co-Speech. United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.

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