Peer-Reviewed Articles
2020. Under the Roof of Rebels: Civilian Targeting After Territorial Takeover in Sierra Leone.  International Studies Quarterly. 64(2), p. 295–305, co-authored with Christian Oswald, Sigrid Weber and Rob Williams. DOI:
2017. Is Conflict an Additional Structural Obstacle for Least Developed Countries? International Journal of Development and Conflict: 07(01), p. 32-48. Co-authored with Kim Namsuk.
2020. The military has ousted Mali’s president. That raises questions about the country’s ongoing security challenges. The Washington Post, Monkey Cage. Analysis, Co-authored with William G. Nomikos, Rob Williams and Patrick Hunnicutt. 26.08.2020.
2020. Civilian Victimization and Rebel Territorial Control in Sierra Leone. The Quantitative Peace. Guest post co-authored with Christian Oswald, Sigrid Weber, and Rob Williams. 13.04.2020.
2018. Humanitäre Helfer verdienen den Schutz des Völkerrechts. Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Opinion Piece. 06.01.2018.
01/2018. Not a target: Ensuring the protection of aid workers”. Press Conference with Emilia Pasquier and Marco Sassòli. Geneva Press Club, Geneva, Switzerland.   
11/2016. “Statement for the Fair Internship Initiative”. First session of the Forum on Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law on ‘Widening the Democratic Space: the role of youth in public decision-making’. Co-Speech. United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.
Policy Briefs/Other
2020. Spatio-Temporal Incident Mapping: A Data-Driven Tool to Advance the Protection of Civilians during Force Operations. UN Peacekeeping Practice Note. MINUSMA, June 2020, 22 p. Co-authored with Sebastian Frowein and Marcello Cassanelli.
2017. Is Qatar’s mediating role useful? Gulf State Analytics. Monthly Monitor Report March 2017, p. 14-16.
2016. Improving the Fairness, Accessibility and Quality of UN internships. Proposal to the 5th Committee of the General Assembly. Fair Internship Initiative Policy Brief. Co-authored under the name of the Fair Internship Initiative.

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